Kindness can change the lives of people. (A. San Suu Kyi)


The association aims at helping psychologists and psychotherapists, who want to learn methods that can be use in clinical practice, by proposing a new type of therapeutic intervention.

We believe, in fact, that it is possible to have an effective dialogue with the unconscious, thanks to which we can strengthen the healthy part of each person and reach a state of well-being. On this purpose, we promote the approach of a therapeutic intervention that uses Multifactorial Psychology and Interactive Hypnosis methodologies, developed by Dr. Giulio De Cinti in more than twenty years of working experience.

Our activities are therefore aimed at:

  • In-depth study: we provide informative materials and the possibility to study in deep the Multifactorial Psychology field and the Interactive Hypnosis methodologies ⇒ Reference texts have been made available on this purpose and we can assist in case of any questions and requests.
  • Training: we organize specific training courses for psychologists and psychotherapists who want to start using Multifactorial Psychology and Interactive Hypnosis in their clinical practice ⇒ Currently the educational offer includes: A First level course, a Second level course and a specialization course.
  • Psychotherapy: we activate paths with psychotherapists who are able to use disciplines of Multifactorial Psychology and Interactive Hypnosis in their clinical practice, so to strengthen the patients’ health through an effective dialogue with their unconscious ⇒ We are available for requests.