Kindness can change the lives of people. (A. San Suu Kyi)


Dr. Giulio De Cinti, in over thirty years of field research, for an effective therapeutic intervention has developed the Multifactorial Psychology that outlines the personality profiles and the methods of Interactive Hypnosis, through which he believes it is possible to have an effective dialogue with the unconscious, thanks to which it is possible to strengthen the healthy part of each person and achieve a state of well-being.

His activities are therefore aimed :at:

Professionalism The history of Dr. Giulio De Cinti’s research, which led to his publications, testifies to his professionalism. ⇒ Curriculum of Dr. Giulio De Cinti
Initiatives Dr. Giulio De Cinti tries to implement all possible initiatives aimed at spreading his theories reported in the texts “Healthy and unhealthy ways of being” and “Healing with Interactive Hypnosis“. ⇒ Doctor De Cinti is available for questions and requests for comparison.
Psychotherapy ⇒ Dr. Giulio De Cinti is a freelancer who practices the profession of psychotherapist.
Promoter ⇒ Dr. Giulio De Cinti set up the Multifactorial Psychology Association.