There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self. (Aldous Huxley)

Giulio De Cinti


Psychologist and psychotherapist, he is president of the Multifactorial Psychology Association.

Over the past years, also thanks to his profession of psychotherapist, he has developed his own psychological theory on people psychic structure and how they interact, either in a healthy or unhealthy way with the others, so called Multifactorial Psychology.

He has been carrying out therapeutic work using various methods, especially the Interactive Hypnosis, created by himself, and which he considers being particularly effective for direct dialogue with the patients’ unconscious and very useful in fostering the full realization of their personalities.

He works as a psychotherapist in Rome and he is a member of the Order of Psychologists of Lazio region.





  • “Hypnotic Relationships”– No. 5 of Educational Cooperation, May 1988
  • “Hypnosis In School”– No. 9-10 of Educational Cooperation, 1989
  • “Experiences of Guided Imagination”– No. 2 Review of Psychotherapy. Hypnosis, Sept-Dec 1990
  • “The State of Autogenicity to Change an Unsatisfactory Body Image”– In the Volume “Current Models in Short Psychotherapy”


  • “HUMAN TYPES STYLES MODES. Interactive models of multifactorial psychology “. Roman University Editions – September 20112
  • “HEALTHY AND UNHAPPY WAYS OF BEING. Know yourself and others “. Roman University Editions – January 2016



  • In April 2011he presented his theory in the seminar “Interactive models of relational functioning”, held at the headquarters of the Roman University Editions.
  • In September 2013, he explained the characteristics of his approach during the seminar “Human Types Mode. Interactive models of multifactorial psychology”,  held at the headquarters of the Roman University Editions.
  • He has been holding courses for psychologists, educators, health professionals.




University Degree

  • 1973 | Graduated with honors in Pedagogy, developing the following thesis: “Erving Goffman and social coercion”

Post-graduate specialization courses

  • 1978/82| Post-graduate specialization course in educational sciences, psycho-pedagogical sector organized by the institute of pedagogy of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
    1. a) self-hypnosis and autogenic training
    2. b) hypnosis and inductive techniques
    3. c) fantastic hypnosis and self-knowledge
    4. d) communication and persuasion in interpersonal relationships.
  • 1985/86| Annual courses organized by the CIPIA:
  • 1992| Three-year post-graduate specialization course “Training of the pedagogical advisor” held at the Department of Educational Science of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” on “Theoretical, epistemological and technical psychotherapy principles, based on the model of person-centered therapy”
  • 1992| Became member of ICSAT bar as “Autogenic Training operator”
  • 1889/93| Four-year course in “Autogenic psychotherapy and short psychotherapy” organized by CISSPAT of Padua (Prof. Peresson and Dr. Marilla Malugani)


Other update courses

  • Course from the Studies Department of Rome, on “Prevention of the use of psychotropic and narcotic substances”
  • Course on “Communication Techniques” organized by the IRRSAE of Lazio and by Arcom
  • Theoretical-practical course “Birth Psycho-preventive medicine ” organized by the medical hospital school of Rome and the Lazio region
  • Course organized by CISSPAT with the certification of “Ericksonian hypnosis operator”
  • Theoretical and practical course “Clinical psychology. Bioenergetics psychotherapy and focus groups” organized by the medical hospital school of Rome and the Lazio region
  • Seminars and conferences
  • First Italian GESTALT psychotherapy conference with Isidore From, organized by the “Human communication Centre”
  • Theoretical-practical-experiential seminar “Indirect techniques of hypnotic suggestion: Milton Erickson’s methods in clinical psychology” organized by the CIPIA
  • Theoretical-practical-experiential seminar “Stress, emotions, disease: introduction to psychosomatic medicine and the use of self-hypnosis and autogenic training” organized by the CIPIA
  • Theoretical-practical-experiential seminar “Introduction to hypnosis and hypnotic techniques (verbal and non-verbal)” organized by the CIPIA
  • Conference “The unconscious in educational practice” organized by the MCE
  • Congress “The body in psychotherapy” organized by CISSPAT and ICSAT, Montecatini Terme
  • Seminar “The conception and practice of change in psychotherapy” by prof. Marisa Malagoli Togliatti, organized by the University of Rome “La Sapienza” at the second specialization school
  • Seminar “The modern frontiers of hypnosis therapy and creativity” by Ernest Rossi, administrator for Milton Erickson’s works
  • Conference “Scholastic orientation and prevention of discomfort” organized by COSS
  • Clinical training seminar “Fear, panic, phobias and obsessions” (speaker Giorgio Nardone), organized by the MRI of Palo Alto and the Center for Strategic Therapy