Kindness can change the lives of people. (A. San Suu Kyi)

Silvia Feliciani


Psychologist and psychotherapist, she is the training manager for the Multifactorial Psychology Association.

She got her graduation from the Salesian Pontifical University with a thesis on the correlation between Mobbing and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She got a specialization in Individual and Group Gestalt Analytical Psychotherapy. She also got a specialization in Multifactorial Psychology and Interactive Hypnosis.

In addition to specific individual sessions, she also leads psychotherapeutic groups and she is a professional trainer for the Nursing Degree Course with experience at the University of Tor Vergata.



Curriculum Vitae

  • Classical high school diploma obtained at the Liceo Classico with experimental course in History of Art and Languages “Ugo Foscolo” of Albano Laziale
  • Faculty of Psychology at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome
  • Participation at the seminar “Outlines for structural dynamic diagnosis” led by Prof. Vittorio Luigi Castellazzi
  • Baccalaureate in Psychology at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, title of the thesis: “Suicide in prisons”, with Mauro Gatti as a speaker
  • Degree in Psychology at the Salesian Pontifical University of Rome, with the following thesis: “Sociological and psychological analysis of the phenomenon of Mobbing. Possible solution hypotheses”
  • Volunteering at SPDC Hospital of Albano Laziale
  • Volunteering at the “Friends and Parents Together Against the Drug Association”, NGO
  • Member of the “ProContinuum” Cultural Association, which deals with psychology, updates and training courses
  • Theoretical-practical training course in “The Diagnostic Process” at the ProContinuum association, Rome
  • President of the Association of “Friends and Parents Together against Drugs”, a NGO that deals with supporting parents of drug-addicted children, leading individual and group meetings and specific interventions in schools and public bodies
  • School of Specialization in Gestalt – Analytical Psychotherapy at the Center for Psychosomatic Studies of Rome, under Director Dr. Stefano Crispino.
  • Internship at INI Italian Neuro-traumatology Institute, Neuropsychology department
  • Registered in the Psychologists Bar of Lazio, with plate N ° 17550
  • Conference “Pain, Anxiety and Depression: Dialogue Between Mind and Body” held at the Cenacolo-Chiostri of Santa Croce, Florence
  • Associated at the “SPSP Psychological Services for the Health of the Person”, which deals with carrying out activities to promote the well-being of the person and the community, aiming at resolving situations of crisis for the individuals and the community discomfort through interviews, individual psychotherapies, couple assessment, etc.
  • Psychology professor for Nursing Degree at University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
  • Hired with a fixed-term contract as a psychologist at INI Italian Neuro-traumatology Institute
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Individual and Group Psychotherapy at the Psychosomatic Studies Center of Dr. Stefano Crispino
  • Trainer, at the Center for Psychosomatic Studies, for undergraduates in psychology, who have to undertake the Italian Bar Exam
  • National scientific conference: “The transgenerational, psychodynamic of psychic transmission between generations”
  • Course held in Lucca on Self Consciousness and “molecules of emotions”. The encounter between neuroscience, psychology and mediation
  • Conference organized by the Italian Association of Analytical Gestalt “Relational Psychosomatics and Cancer. Illness, Resilience, Creativity”
  • Founder member of “Panta Rei Srl”, that deals with the psychological well-being of the person. Active role of Psychotherapist within the company
  • Vice-president “Associazione Mente & Corpo”, NGO Center for Integrated Psychology and Holistic Disciplines. In addition to her profession as a psychotherapist within the center, she also organizes and holds training courses for psychologists, and for specific professions by integrating the importance of the psychological aspect in every helping-related profession
  • Relational Phototherapy Laboratory
  • Multifactorial Psychology Courses (first and second level)
  • Interactive Hypnosis courses (first and second level)
  • Specialized training in Multifactorial Psychology
  • Theoretical-practical training in Interactive Hypnosis